Adirondack Woodwright
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Adirondack Rustic Cabinetry
There's nothing that provides the feeling of that old time lodge experience like rustic cabinetry does.  Whether it be a White Birch bark covered hutch or sideboard, perhaps an elegant vanity or a majestic Grandfather clock.  All our pieces are created to be unique and original in design.  No two pieces are the same.  Let us design and create a piece just for you, just for that special place in your home.
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Adirondack Woodwright
Adirondack Rustic meets Art Nouveau. Using reverse White Birch bark siding, twig trims, twig mosaics, Lake Superior wave-washed stone mosaic and twig hinges. Awarded Best of Show at Northeastern Woodworker's Showcase 2016.  20" x 28" x 86"

​This media cabinet was created for the historic Red Crown Lodge, Standard Oil's corporate retreat, in northern Wisconsin.  Constructed from reversed White Birch bark siding, twig trim, twig mosaics and accents.  Top cabinet features an 84" flat screen TV, perfect for teleconferencing and presentations.  8' 6" x 28" x 8'
This heirloom blanket chest was made with Grandpa's love.  This highly-detailed blanket chest features both White Birch siding and reverse White Birch siding with twig trim siding and intricate mosaics and rustic accents.  Interior is adorned with Addison Lee's favorite - pink.  42" x 20" x 34"
"Passion to create original unique and elegantly designed Rustic Furnishings inspired by Nature"

Red Crown Lodge Media Cabinet
Bolton Landing Grandfather Clock
Barkersville Blanket Chest
Land-O-Lakes Wardrobe
Blue Mountain Lake Jewelry Armoire
Awkwassane Rustic Dresser
Tug Lake Hidden TV Cabinet
Eagle River China Hutch