Adirondack Woodwright
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Rustic furnishings "Made form the Adirondacks".
Welcome to Adirondack Woodwright
​In the workshop of the "Adirondack Woodwright", we strive to create the most unique and original rustic furnishings made today.  We build furniture in a traditional "Adirondack" style utilizing natural materials such as White Birch bark, Yellow Birch twigs, pine cones, acorns, nuts, burls or whatever else Mother Nature provides.  We build one piece at a time and every piece is a totally unique, one-a-kind creation that will grace the halls of any home.
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Adirondack Woodwright
"Passion to create original unique and elegantly designed Rustic Furnishings inspired by Nature"

I feel it's my honor and duty to pay tribute to the "Adirondack Legacy" by leaving behind for all to share what the Adirondacks has given to me. I believe after seeing my work all would agree, " I am the Adirondack Woodwright".